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Check out our current, in progress project...find out the who's who of GWP!  

Once an educator completes the Summer Institute, he or she is a Gateway Writing Project Teacher Consultant (GWP TC).  These TC's are our greatest resource.  Teacher Consultants range in all levels of their career from new educators to retired. We have educators from all grade levels and all subject areas that value writing.  Our TCs have impacted hundreds of schools across the St. Louis area.   Click through the years to make a connection with a teacher leader near you.

If you are a TC and would like your profile published, please contact us for more information.

Contact Information

Nancy Singer,
GWP Co-Director 
358 Marillac Hall 
1 University Blvd. 
StL, MO 63121 
(314) 516-5517 
(314) 516-5348  

Katie O'Daniels,
GWP Co-Director
302 Marillac Hall
1 University Blvd.
StL, MO 63121
(314) 516-5578

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