In a continued response to the COVID‐19 pandemic, Congress has allocated additional funds to the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) for institutions to provide emergency grants to their students. UMSL is working hard to get these funds to our students in a quick and timely manner. Below is some information regarding our process followed by a link to the application.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Enrolled in the current semester (Spring 2022)
  • Complete the HEERF III Emergency Grant application

Award Amounts:

Grant amounts will be determined based on a student’s need determined by the 2021/2022 FAFSA. If you did not complete a 2021/2022 FAFSA, you will be awarded the lowest tiered grant amount.

Students will have the option to identify whether they want the emergency grant to go towards their current bill with the University.  If this option is selected, the grant will be applied directly to the balance on your student account. If it is not selected, the emergency grant will be refunded directly to the student via direct deposit. Directions on how to set up direct deposit can be found here. If direct deposit is not set up, you will receive a check in the mail, so please ensure your mailing address is correct/updated in MyView.


Applying HEERF Grant more than once will delay your application as you may only receive this funding once per semester.