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Additional Authorized Access

Additional Authorized Access (AAA) gives students the capability to grant an Authorized User (for example, a parent) the access to view specific information in MyView.  We also use this access to determine if we can talk to the Authorized User about your financial aid. See instructions below or print a copy (PDF 100KB).

Log into MyView and navigate to: Self Service > Additional Authorized Access (as shown below) or login in here at Additional Authorized Access Logon page.

MyView Still

Enter the name and email address of the Authorized User, then check the desired Access Granted boxes (as shown below).  Once finished, click Save.  Students may add up to five Authorized Users to their account.  A notification email will be sent to each user with a link to finish the account setup and create a password.

MyView Still

To remove access for an Authorized User - navigate to the AAA page, delete the user and click Save.  Please note that the user will be sent an email notifying that access has been revoked.

In granting AAA access, the student acknowledges that the University is not responsible for any unauthorized disclosure of student information by Authorized users.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, also known as FERPA, maintains that a student's educational and financial records are private and confidential. The information contained in these records may only be released with consent from the student.

Your student may choose to grant you online access to his or her student information as an Additional Authorized Access User.  By virtue of granting this access, your student consents to the sharing of his or her specific records with you. Students have the right to revoke this consent at any time.

If your student chooses to set up AAA for you, you will receive an email message with a link to finish the account setup and create a password.  A link to MyView where you can access your student's information will also be included in the email.