Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a semester-long program of undergraduate academic support. Student attendance is voluntary. For students in high-expectation classes, SI is a chance to learn best strategies from a trained peer leader who has taken the same class and done well. SI is also about getting together with other people in the class to compare notes, discuss questions, share strategies for studying, and practice before tests.

Students who attend SI sessions average higher grades and pass challenging courses more often than those who do not attend SI. And the skills learned in SI for one class remain with students to increase learning speed, understanding, and proficiency in other classes. 

SI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Request an SI Leader

If you are a faculty member who would like to request an SI Leader for your class, please complete the SI Faculty Request Form and email it to the SI Coordinator, Jenna Alexander, at

Apply to become an SI Leader

If you are a student who would like to apply for an SI Leader position, please complete the SI Leader Application Form and email it to the SI Coordinator, Jenna Alexander, at alexanderjm@umsl.eduSI Leaders receive $12 per hour. Returning SI leaders will have an opportunity to earn up to $14 per hour. To be eligible, students must have taken the course before and done well (at least a B+).  For more information, please contact Professor Jenna Alexander at or at 314-516-7194.