Getting Started Teaching at UMSL

Teaching at a new institution, in an unfamiliar department, or even a new course can raise questions for new and experienced instructors alike. At the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) we see ourselves as a connection point. If you can’t find the answer you need on these pages or even if it does not seem like an issue pertaining to teaching and learning, we are happy to point you to the right person/resource, so do not hesitate to reach out ( 

Your Single Sign-On Identification (SSO ID) is an important component to accessing all the technology systems at UMSL. As its name denotes, it allows you to log in to nearly every networked system on campus--from printers and Wifi to Canvas, the campus learning management system. If you are unsure what your SSO ID is, you can search for it on MyView. You can also reset your password in the same location if needed. If your paperwork is still working its way through HR, your SSO ID might still be in process.  

If you haven't received your SSO ID and password yet, reach out to your department chair or administrative professional. Once the request has been submitted, you should have access to some systems like the wireless network and Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), but the request will still need to be processed through the Human Resources office to get access to all of UMSL's systems.

As soon as you have your SSO ID, be sure to complete your FERPA training. You will not be able to access your Canvas course(s) or MyView roster until you have completed this training. It can take 24-48 hours after completion before your Canvas course or MyView rosters become visible. For issues or questions, please contact Kathy Miguel at or Danielle Faucett at in the Registrar’s Office.