The timeline below represents the typical cycle of teaching an online course at UMSL. It should help you recall the necessary processes to "reset" an online course and the rough timeline for implement different activities and opportunities for feedback. The dates are rough estimates. It has been updated to reflect changes with the Canvas learning management system.

1 Month Prior to Start of Term

  Course is fully developed
  Use Canvas Request System (courtesy of LRL) to copy course from DEV shell to LIVE course or copy it on your own. Note! Groups only copy if you create an identically-named groupset in your destination course (the course shell you are copying material into).
  Hide any navigation links that you aren’t using (ex. Files and Pages) in the Course Setting (Navigation tab)
  Stay alert for student requests for accommodations. Depending on the accommodation, it may be helpful to contact the DAS Office at: (314) 516-6554

Course Setup:
  Videos are working
  Links direct to correct location
  Check that due dates are correct for this offering (fall, spring, etc.) of the course
  Gradebook matches assignment totals found in syllabus.
  If using Groups, group set is made and group assignments are assigned correctly. To prevent issues caused by the Add/Drop period, it’s best to wait two weeks into the course to assign the students to the groups.
  If using VoiceThread, delete student comments from past offerings of the course and check that links work.
  If using Google Docs/Drive, ensure shared files have correct permissions.
  If using Collaborations, recreate them in the live course where students are enrolled. Collaborations do not copy from term-to-term.
  If using Panopto, configure course for students to have permissions to watch your videos. (more information)

1 Week Prior to Start of Term

  Send Welcome Message to students
  Participate in introduction activity to get to know your students.
  Schedule a few recurring times each week for tracking student participation, interacting with students, and grading student work.
  Using the Student Preview or a test student account provided by the LRL, check that all activities work (does not work for VoiceThread assignments).
  Double-check that the bookstore has the correct textbook edition and enough copies. Remind students if they need to purchase the book and/or any access codes to electronic materials.

1 Week Into Term

  Reiterate how discussion boards will be graded and give provide specific feedback to students in the rubric.
  Ensure assignments have a rubric (where applicable). Refresh yourself on grading with a rubric in Canvas.

2 Weeks Into Term

  If using groups, enroll students into their respective groups (depends on the nature of the project)
      (link: How to edit group enrollments

1 Month Into Term

  Register for Mid-semester Feedback for your students (optional)
  Register for Mid-semester Design Survey from the CTL (optional)
  Use MyConnect to award kudos to students who earn them or to alert Retention Services about any students who need assistance because of grades, lack of participation, etc.


  Provide midterm grades
  If applicable, make any tweaks to your online course for later weeks in the term.

End of Term

  If applicable, provide students with information about Final Exam
  Provide final grades to students. Note! In Canvas, all grades must have a score to count in the final grade. If a student did not complete an assignment, you must mark it as a zero in order for their grade to reflect it.
  Submit final grades to MyView
  Remind students to take end of course evaluations

1 Week After Term

  If applicable, copy any course design changes that you want to keep from your LIVE course back to your DEV shell since the LIVE course will be archived but the DEV shell will remain for future iterations of the course.