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The Intercampus Course Sharing Initiative from University of Missouri-System allows faculty from any of the UM campuses to teach an online course that can be taken by students at other UM campuses. Faculty or departments interested in the Course Sharing process will need to complete a proposal for the course(s) they intend to share to other campuses. Stipends are available for applicable development and coordination costs associated with building the course and/or transitioning it online. Those interested in the initiative should work with the Center for Teaching and Learning to outline goals and objectives before submitting the proposal. Contact Jennifer McKanry with questions.

Important links and dates:

UM System Intercampus Course Sharing Initiative
View/Submit Intercampus Course Sharing Request for Proposal
Word template to work in before submitting


How to Apply:

Step 1: Choose courses to share Identify an UMSL course(s) you’d like to share with another campus and browse UMKC, MU, and S&T catalogs for courses in similar or other departments you’d like UMSL students to have the opportunity to take.

Step 2: Network and discuss plans with another campus Contact faculty who teach those courses at MU, MO S&T, or UMKC and discuss how sharing expertise across campuses and departments might benefit students at each institution. Be sure to discuss the proposal deadline and the documents required for this proposal and how you might each contribute to the proposal. Collectively, name and describe the course(s) you want to share across institutions and the impact collaboration will have.

Step 3: Develop your proposal Work with the CTL staff on your proposal. Andy Goodman can help you prepare a budget including the cost of developing and offering the course. The proposal requires a signature from a CTL instructional designer that states you’ve developed a plan for the course development.

Step 4: Get approvals Include a letter, e-mail or signature approval from relevant department chairs and deans. Then submit copies of complete proposals to the Provost's office as described in the Request for Proposals.