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Blended in 9

Blended learning is the "thoughtful fusion of face-to-face and online learning experiences…such that the strengths of each are blended into a unique experience…Blended learning is a fundamental redesign that transforms the structure of, and approach to, teaching and learning" (Garrison and Vaughan, 2008). Join our nine-week course development series, Blended in 9, to produce a high-quality, high-impact course. Throughout the series, you will design an organized course structure, meaningful learning experiences, and high-quality assessments for both in-class and online learning environments. By the end of the nine weeks, you will have a peer-reviewed course design ready to go. Master the best of both worlds by signing up now for our new series. The group will meet face-to-face every other week with online activities on the non-meeting weeks.

  • Week 1 – Defining Blended Learning
  • Week 2 – Course Structure, Dividing up the components by Modality
  • Week 3 – Optimizing your Face-to-Face Time
  • Week 4 – Designing the Online Component, OER, Copyright, and Accessibility
  • Week 5 – Discussions
  • Week 6 – Assessment and Rubrics
  • Week 7 – Group and Collaboration
  • Week 8 – Case Studies and Peer Review
  • Week 9 – Feedback and Grading

Meets on Wednesdays 2-4pm on odd weeks and online during even weeks.  If you have any questions about Blended in 9, please contact CTL.