Student feedback can come in many forms. Every term, students are given an opportunity to provide their instructors with formal feedback through end-of-semester student surveys (previously known as Course Evaluations). UMSL's end-of-semester student surveys are conducted using CoursEval. Additionally, the Center for Teaching and Learning provides opportunities for instructors to get student feedback earlier in the semester through Mid-Semester Feedback surveys and Group Instructional Feedback Techniques (GIFTS).

The student feedback provided by end-of-semester or mid-semester surveys gives you a glimpse into the student experience in your class. This information can be helpful when adjusting course content, designing assessments, or structuring your course. Student feedback, however, does not measure student learning. It is important to be cautious when using student feedback to evaluate teaching effectiveness.

Here is a collection of resources that can help you gather, interpret, and use student feedback to improve your teaching.