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Moving to Canvas

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In the fall of 2016, UMSL underwent an open bid process for its next Learning Management System (LMS) vendor. After the bid process, two vendors met the criteria set forth and were brought to campus for demonstrations. After much feedback was gathered, the decision was made to select Instructure Canvas as UMSL's LMS moving forward. Read more about the process or read the summary of the decision.

UMSL will maintain a one-year contract with Blackboard for the 2017 calendar year while faculty migrate courses over to the new Canvas LMS. UMSL will host a number of workshops, departmental offerings, and consultations to help ease the task of learning how to use Canvas and set up your existing course in the new platform. Below are some helpful links.

Ready for a test-drive? 

Login to Canvas

Need a course shell or course copied?

Canvas Request System

Need help moving an online course from Blackboard to Canvas? Complete the form below to get the support you need.

Get Help Moving An Online Course

Getting Started


You can move your course to Canvas at any time. Contact the Faculty Resource Center to request that a development (DEV) shell be created in Canvas. You will receive an email when the course is available and can then (if desired) import content from an existing Blackboard course. You can start learning more about Canvas now by visiting our Resources page.

Partner Up

The Faculty Resource Center (FRC) and CTL will be offering a series of workshops. When you register for a workshop, you can choose to either start with a new development (DEV) course or copy content from an existing MyGateway (Blackboard) course. See the full schedule and register at the link below.

Build New

The CTL offers two series for developing new online courses as UMSL. If it's your first online course, sign up for Online in 9. If you've completed Online in 9 before, consider our new DIY with a Guide series. Both will help you make a new course in Canvas.