Previously Sent Emails to Faculty/Staff about Instructional Continuity amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

The following messages were sent campus-wide to UMSL faculty and staff in an effort to provide updated information and resources to support instructional continuity in the face of suspended classes or a pivot to remote teaching.

March 9, 2020: Resources to Keep Teaching

Description: Advice about communicating with students, focusing on what's most important and realistic, sample syllabus statement, and where to go for help.

March 12, 2020: Getting Help to Move Online

Description: Workshop schedule announcement, web resources, and how to get help

Attachment: Course Continuity Planning Document

March 14, 2020: Remote Teaching Important Updates

Description: Info about student resource about how to learn online, reminder about campus remaining open, request for instructional software to be added to TritonApps, Equatio announcement, tips for being flexible about proctoring and relying on Canvas as your main course delivery tool, and a few messages from faculty in the trenches about being realistic about what you can do in these extraordinary times. 

Attachment 1, Triton Online Tutoring Instructions
Attachment 2, Options for Alternative Assignments

March 15, 2020: Follow-up to President Choi's Announcement

Description: Reminder to communicate with students on Sunday, 3/15 or Monday, 3/16, UMSL's revised rules around proctored exams, and reminder about rules we are not allowed to require students to come to campus. 

March 18, 2020: Addressing Faculty Questions

Description: How to reach out for help, access to laptops/webcams, how to set up a "softphone," tips for accommodating students in exams, update on Zoom, and offer of Gradescope

Attachment: Chronicle of Higher Education resource on moving quickly to online