Well-Being Resources

In this time of unprecedented transition, UMSL remains committed to student success and your progress toward your degree. First and foremost, we are here to support you during this uncertain and challenging time. We know situations are changing rapidly, and the next best steps are not always clear. With that in mind, we know student success is not just about academics, so we are sharing non-academic resources to help you through this stressful time. 

One such resource is Sanvello, an app that offers techniques to relieve stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression. The University of Missouri has a system-wide subscription to this app. With the subscription, students, faculty and staff who sign in with their campus or system email address can access premium features without having to pay monthly fees. The Sanvello app is available for both Android and Apple phones. 

The app’s features are customizable to serve your needs. For example, during meditation, users can choose to focus on being present or on calming down before going to sleep. The habit-tracking feature can measure standard wellness habits such as drinking water or getting enough sleep, but it can also track how often you engage in a hobby that makes you happy. In the app’s social forum, you can post what you are grateful for and other users can leave “hearts” on the posts to offer encouragement and support.

You might also be interested in the University of Missouri Guided Mindfulness Practices

There are countless local and national resources available for the issues you may be struggling with through this pandemic. This list is not exhaustive, but intended to provide places for you to start. Student Social Services has some great tips for connecting with community resources.