Submitting course materials online

There are many ways to submit course materials online. Confirm with your instructor what file types are allowed. This Canvas Guide on how to submit assignment shows you how.

  • Most often, you will be asked to submit PDF or Office files. Office 365 and GoogleDocs allow you to save your file as PDF files.

  • As a student, you have access to Office 365 and Google Drive. These tools are also available as apps for Android and iOS. 

  • Tip: always save your documents before turning them in online. Consider downloading your files to a your computer as a precaution.

  • URLs

    • File Size: There is a 500 MB file size limit per file submitted to Canvas. This comes up when attempting to upload videos directly to Canvas. Therefore, when submitting video files, consider sharing your video via link to a service such as YouTube, G Suite/Drive, or OneDrive.

    • Note: Your instructor will need to enable the “link” submission option in order for this to work.