Mobile Applications

Canvas has robust mobile applications that allow you to access your courses from a smartphone or tablet. While it is not ideal to do all of your coursework on a mobile device, if that is your only option, communicate with your instructor to ensure you will be able to access course materials. What is the Canvas Student app?

    • Canvas is actively improving their native mobile applications to support as many Canvas features as possible. Instructure has two native mobile applications for students free for download on both phones and tablets.

    • Canvas Student: This app provides access to Canvas while on the go. Depending on your device, not all Canvas features may be available on the app at this time. View Canvas Student mobile features by version and device.

    • Polls for Canvas: If your instructor uses polls in your courses, this app allows you to participate and share your opinion without any extra devices.
  • You can download the Canvas mobile apps below.


Mobile Browsers

You can access Canvas from any browser on your Android/iOS device. However, mobile browsers are not supported, and features may not function as expected compared to viewing Canvas in a fully supported desktop browser.

On mobile devices, Canvas is designed to be used within Canvas mobile applications. Canvas pages within a mobile browser are only supported when an action in the app links directly to the browser, such as when a student takes certain types of quizzes. Support is not extended to pages that cannot currently be used in the app, such as Conferences or Collaborations.

Additionally, Canvas offers limited support for native mobile browsers on tablet devices. For details, please reference the limited-support mobile browser guidelines.

How do I access Canvas using a mobile browser on my Android device?

How do I access Canvas using a mobile browser on my iOS device?