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Program Evaluations

October 3, 2001 
Parkway South Middle School 
Parkway School District

I like the way the 2 different skin color hypotheses were presented as different ideas and not fact.  I think that the factual basis for deciding on which fossil bones are ancestors of human seems unclear and perhaps should be tempered with more scientific languages as in "Some scientist believe.."  It seems presupmtuous to assume absolute factual basis for everything presented.  After all, some of these ideas are not able to be tested conclusively! 

May 23, 2001 
Larimore Elementary School 
Hazelwood School District

What a woderful experience!  You have a didicated group of people.  The kids really enjoyed it and it went right along with our curriculum in reading and social studies.  Thanks for your patience.  We hope to see you again next year!  I would like to see the results of the kids ore and post evaluation. Thx.

April 3, 2001 
Girls Scouts

Group Leader 
The program was very interesting and informative. Everything was explained to the girls in a way they could understand and learn.  The teachers were vey knowledgeable and easy to listen to.  Thank you on a job well done.

Group Leader 
The program is excellent and I loved the adjustments you make in the program for the varying ages.  Your messages/concepts are easy to understand and fun to do.  Thank you for the opportunity.

Group Leader 
Excellent program broken down into "logical" groups of study.  Presented on a level that 3rd graders could relate and understand.  Very good demonstrations.  The girls really enjoyed it!  Some said it was our best field trip. 

January 21, 2000 
Jury Elementary School 
Hazelwood School District

Everything was great!  The program was well-planned, interactive, informative, fun, and the instructors personalized experiences and held students' attention!

All learning stations were hands-on activities and the students were able to interact and experience the culture.  The instructors were excellent with the children and knowledgeable.