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List of Buildings and Abbreviations

This is a list of UMSL Buildings that Postal Services delivers to.  The acceptable abbreviation for each building is in parenthesis.  When addressing inter-campus mail, please use either the full building name or the acceptable abbreviation.  If no abbreviation is listed, the building name must be written in full.  Note: Not all buildings receive mail delivery so those buildings are not listed.

Arts Administration Building (AAB)
(formerly General Services Building)
Benton Hall (Benton or BH)
Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center (PAC)
Campus Police Building/Gallery 210 (CPB)
(formerly Telecommunity Center)
Center for Trauma Recovery-Weinman Building (Trauma Ctr or KJW Lower Level)
Child Advocacy Center-Weinman Building (CAC or KJW Upper Level)
Clark Hall (Clark or CH)
E. Desmond Lee Technology and Learning Center (TLC)
Education Administration Building (EAB)
Express Scripts Hall (ESH)
(formerly Computer Center Building)
Fine Arts Building (FAB)
J.C. Penney Building/Conference Center (JCP)
(also includes former University Center)
Lucas Hall (Lucas or LH)
Marillac Hall (Marillac or MH)
Mark Twain Building (Athletics or MT)
Mercantile Library (Merc Lib)
Music Building (MB)
Millennium Student Center (MSC)
Newman House (Newman)
Normandie Hall
Nursing Administration Building (NAB)
Provincial House
Regional Center for Education and Work (RCEW)
Research Building (RB)
S22 MSC North Garage
Social Sciences and Business Building/Tower (SSB)
South Campus Classroom Building (SCCB)
Stadler Hall (Stadler)
Thomas Jefferson Library (TJL)
University Meadows Apartments (U Meadows)
William L. Clay Building Center for Nanoscience (CNS)
(also Center for Molecular Electronics)
Woods Hall (Woods or WH)

Courier pick up from Postal Services includes: KWMU, MIMH and 12837 Flushing Meadows, Community Psychological Service, Rolla Engineering and West County Computer Education Center.