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List of Buildings and Abbreviations

This is a list of UMSL Buildings that Mail Services delivers to.  The acceptable abbreviation for each building is in parenthesis.  When addressing inter-campus mail, please use either the full building name or the acceptable abbreviation.  If no abbreviation is listed, the building name must be written in full.  Note: Not all buildings receive mail delivery so those buildings are not listed.

Anheuser-Busch Ecology and Conservation Complex [ABE]
Anheuser-Busch Hall [ABH]
Arts Administration Building [AAB]
Benton Hall [BH]
Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center [PAC]
Boiler Garage / Surplus Property [BG]
Campus Police Building [CPB]
Clark Hall [CH]
Desmond Lee Technology and Learning Center [TLC] and Math and Science Education Central
Education Administration Building [EAB]
Express Scripts Hall [ESH]
Fine Arts Building [FAB]
Kathy J. Weinman Children’s Advocacy Centre and Center for Trauma Recovery [KWC]
J.C. Penney Building / Conference Center [JCP]
Lucas Hall [LH]
Mansion Hill Condos [MHC]
Mark Twain Building [MTB]
Marillac Hall [MH]
Millennium Student Center [MSC] and Student Services
Millennium Student Center Garage North [MGN]
Millennium Student Center Garage South [MGS]
Music Building [MB] C
Nursing Administration Building [NAB]
Oak Hall [OAK]
Patient Care Center [PCC]
Provincial House [PH] and Pierre Laclede Honors College [HC]
Recreation and Wellness Center [RWC]
Regional Center for Education and Work [RCEW]
Research Building [RB]
Richard D. Schwartz Observatory [RSO]
Sassin Building [SAS] and ELS Language Centers - St. Louis
Science Learning Building [SLB]
Sculpture and Ceramics Annex [SCA]
Seton Center Hall [SC]
Social Sciences and Business Building / Tower [SSB]
South Campus Classroom Building [SCCB] and Child Development Center
South Campus Computer Building [SCB]
South Campus Garage [SCG]
Stadler Hall [SH]
St. Louis Mercantile Library [SLML]
Thomas Jefferson Library [TJL]
University Meadows Apartments [UMA]
UMSL Postal Services [PS]
Villa Building [VB]
Ward E. Barnes Building [WEB]
West Drive Garage South [WDGS]
William L. Clay Center for Nanoscience [CNS]
Woods Hall [WH]

Courier pick up from Mail Services includes: KWMU, MIMH and 12837 Flushing Meadows, Community Psychological Service, Rolla Engineering and West County Computer Education Center.