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Tips for Bulk Mailings


  • Mailing must have at least 200 pieces.
  • Each piece must have the Non-Profit Org. Permit #3 indicia (stamp) on it …must be pre-printed on the piece or if you have already had your mailing piece printed without the indicia. Mail Services can inkjet the idicia on your mail pieces.
  • All pieces must have UMSL’s return address on them. The Post Office will match up our permit number with the return address for authenticity purposes.
  • All pieces must have the same contents (same size and weight).
  • Sending the mailing to Mail Services already sealed will also maximize savings.
  • Address labels should be typed, no handwriting for bulk mail pieces.
  • Address labels should be applied as straight and even as possible…putting labels on skewed can make the machines not read them and thus cost more to mail.
  • Self-mailing style pieces should be tabbed to stay shut and maximize savings.Note: Use tabs or tape, not staples.
  • Mail Services will fill out Postal Form 3602 and the mailhouse will bundle the mail and put it in trays with specialized labels with zip code information on them.
  • Call Mail Services at x5203 to have large bulk mailings picked up.
  • If you have other questions or want more detailed instructions for bulk mailings, please feel free to contact Mail Services.