The individuals who spent hours debating, drafting and redrafting UMSL’s Strategic Plan deserve much credit for their efforts on behalf of our students and the greater St. Louis region. The set of goals and activities established within this document will ensure UMSL maximizes its human and financial resources to fulfill its ultimate goal to transform lives

UMSL Chancellor Tom George

Student Success Compact Committee

  • Curt Coonrod, Vice Provost for Student Affairs (Chair)
  • Tyra Cole, Student
  • Jim Hertel, Executive Director of Human Resources
  • Kyle Lackey, Student
  • Colette McLemore, Assistant Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs, College of Nursing
  • Christopher Miller, Director of Student Enrichment and Achievement
  • Dave Robertson, Chair and Professor of Political Science
  • Kim Song, Associate Professor of Education

Community Engagement and Economic Development Compact Committee

  • Sharon Johnson, Dean and Professor of Social Work (Chair)
  • Theresa Coble, E. Desmond Lee Endowed Professor of Experiential and Family Education
  • Teshanbra Newell, Student
  • Mike Smith, E. Desmond Lee Endowed Professor of Music Education
  • Patricia Zahn, Director of Community Outreach and Engagement

Research and Creative Works Committee

  • Wes Harris, Associate Dean of the Graduate School (Chair)
  • Carl Bassi, Professor of Optometry
  • Hung-Gay Fung, Dr. Y.S. Tsiang Professor in Chinese Studies
  • Maureen Quigley, Chair of the Department of Art & Design
  • Rochelle Robinson, Office of Research Administration
  • Nathan Roth, Student

Planning, Operations, and Stewardship Committee

  • Jane Williams, Chief Information Technology Officer (Chair)
  • Sean Burkett, Student
  • Larry Irons, Associate Teaching Professor of Sociology
  • Steve Moehrle, Chair and Professor of Accounting
  • Marisa Smith, Police Captain

Inclusive Excellence Committee

  • Deborah Burris, Chief Diversity Officer (Chair)
  • Sean Burkett, Student
  • Jonathan Lidgus, Director of the Succeed Program
  • Dinesh Mirchandani, Chair and Professor of Management Information Systems
  • Dorothea Scott, Compliance Manager of the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Ann Steffen, Professor of Psychology