The General Education Plan approved by the University of Missouri-St. Louis Faculty Senate in April 2002 becomes effective in the fall semester of 2002.

Application of Policy to Freshmen
Freshmen who enrolled at UMSL or at any other accredited post-secondary institution in fall 2002, and all future freshmen, must complete the requirements of the General Education Plan in order to earn a baccalaureate degree from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. For purposes of this policy, a freshman is defined as any student who has completed less than 24 semester hours of credit* prior to the start of the fall 2002 semester.
*Only credit that is transferable to UMSL is applicable. For purposes of implementing the general education plan at UMSL, the phrase "credit that is transferable" shall be interpreted to mean all credit associated with coursework completed with a grade of D- or better at an accredited post-secondary institution (or an approved foreign college or university). Credit associated with military science and developmental/remedial coursework shall be excluded from this understanding of "credit that is transferable.

Application of Policy to Students with 24 or More Semester Hours of Credit
Students who have earned 24 or more semester hours of credit* at any accredited post-secondary institution(s) before the start of the fall 2002 semester must meet the general education requirements stipulated in the UMSL 2001-02 Bulletin; however, such students may elect to complete the new General Education Plan that became effective in the fall semester of 2002.
*Only credit that is transferable to UMSL is applicable

Application of Policy to Students Transferring to UMSL from Missouri Post-Secondary Institutions with General Education Plans Consistent with CBHE Guidelines
A student transferring to UMSL from an accredited public or independent post-secondary institution in Missouri that has implemented a general education plan consistent with general education guidelines of the Coordinating Board for Higher Education will be regarded as having completed the UMSL General Education Plan, provided that his or her transcript verifies completion of the general education requirements at the sending institution.