PDF Copy of Scholarship Distribution Policy

1) On or before October 1, 2016, and by this date in all subsequent years, each unit is required to provide the name of a single, designated scholarship point-person* – or Unit Scholarship Coordinator (USC) – to the office of SFA (Student Financial Aid). It will be incumbent upon each unit to communicate the name of their designated USC to SFA when prompted by SFA to do so each October thereafter. This individual will work with SFA to:

a) Alert students to unit scholarship opportunities and inform them about the application process through methods unique to the unit (i.e., list serves, MyGateway groups, etc.)

b) Review submitted scholarship applications

c) Track and notify SFA when any award decision has been made

d) Ensure effective and timely awarding of scholarship funds

e) Examine and alter unit scholarship protocols in instances where there are challenges to the efficacy of the duties listed above

2) SFA will continue to track and provide to the USC, the unit Chair/Director, and each unit’s Dean(s), data regarding the efficacy with which each unit makes its awards. It is incumbent upon the USC to alert SFA of any factors that are negatively impacting these tracking data. In the event that a unit is not able to award 80% of more of their funds in a given year, the following will result:

a) The first (2016-2017 AY) year will be a grace year; unit metrics will be tracked and reported by SFA to the USC, the unit Director/Chair, the unit’s and Dean(s); and the USC will work with SFA personnel to consider and implement any changes that might enhance the success of distribution going forward.

b) For year two (2017-2018 AY) and each subsequent year, SFA will continue to report award statistics to all listed above, making note of units that are not able to achieve an 80% award utilization (after any necessary adjustments per the points made above). Deans of those units will be asked to work with SFA directly to remedy the issues (i.e. by appointing a new USC, electing to manage the funds at the Dean’s/Deans’ level, turning the awarding authority over to SFA, etc.). In instances where awarding authority is turned over for management outside of the unit, that unit’s Dean(s) will work with SFA during the following award cycle to determine the best means by which funds can be distributed from that unit going forward.