Founders Professor Process

  1. Information about the Founders Professors program is distributed to all faculty members annually and posted on the Academic Affairs website.  

  2. Eligible faculty member applies to the program using the application form. 

  3. Department/Division/School/College faculty committee and Department Chair/School Director/Dean review the application form and if appropriate, send to Dean for approval.  If approved, Dean makes recommendation to the Provost using application/approval form.

  4. Provost reviews the application and makes approval decision.  If the application is approved, the Provost sends the applicant the Founders Professorship Agreement that indicates the candidate’s commitment to adhere to the plan criteria.  Details of the assignment are not included at this point.  The applicant is asked to sign the agreement and return it to the Provost.  The Provost notifies the Dean when the signed agreement is received.   

  5. Dean works with the chair and candidate to prepare the offer letter with details and appointment specifics and sends to faculty member for signature.  

  6. Dean attaches signed offer letter to PAF with re-hire documentation and submits to HR for processing. 

  7. Founders Professors are eligible for term appointments not to exceed three years.

  8. Upon leaving the position of Founders Professor, the retired faculty member is eligible to for the title of Emeritus/a if recommended and approved through the normal process.  The emeritus approval may be made at the time of retirement, and will be awarded when the Founders Professorship is completed.