The INSPIRE mentor program is designed to assist junior, senior and transfer students in successfully preparing for a smooth transition into the workforce. This process happens through the facilitation of opportunities for developmentally appropriate professional growth experiences and the introduction of students to various career-related events and activities. INSPIRE mentors will serve as a referral agent to their mentees as they strive to understand the many components associated with being a successful young professional. INSPIRE mentors take the responsibility of assisting students by providing academic, professional, and socioemotional support. Additionally, INSPIRE mentors are role models and should be willing to share their professional experiences and successes with their students.


The purpose of the INSPIRE Mentor Program is to support junior and senior MSS students as they begin their transition into the workforce. The program matches mentees with UMSL faculty and staff who are invested in encouraging our students to understand and move toward attaining their full potential. This program is dedicated to assisting students with academic, career, social, and personal success through one-on-one mentoring, campus involvement, community events, and service learning.


  • To guide and support junior, senior and transfer students
  • To inspire students to achieve their educational and lifelong goals
  • To increase student engagement, connectedness and sense of belonging
  • To aid in professional skillset building to prepare students for the global workforce

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