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Intervention Team

In an effort to more readily address inappropriate behavior and dangerous actions before causing harm to our learning environment, the University of Missouri Saint Louis has created the UMSL Intervention Team. The Team is charged with establishing action plans and intervention strategies, with the goal to foster and maintain a safe and positive learning environment for all members of the campus community.

The UMSL Intervention Team is comprised of faculty, staff and administrators who shall meet regularly to review potentially threatening behavior and incidents. The goal is to recommend early intervention in order for individuals to obtain assistance without disruption to the community. In an effort to support the committee and assist those in need, additional UMSL personnel will be included when appropriate. The UMSL Intervention Team will develop action plans and coordinate implementation through referrals to University administrative offices, campus committees, and/or community resources.

It is important to understand that the UMSL Intervention Team is not a substitute for the University's disciplinary system, campus police or any other standing committees. Any member of the campus community who feels they are in imminent danger should contact campus police immediately.

Campus police are mandated to report incidents to the committee. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to refer persons or incidents that provoke thought and concern.  This may require stepping beyond old beliefs that shield abuse, neglect, bullying, harassment and other ills in order to bring these acts to the attention of the UMSL Intervention Team for further review.

UMSL Intervention Team Members

Curtis Coonrod, Ed.D. – Vice Provost for Student Affairs/Dean of Students, Chair
Wesley Harris, Ph.D. – Associate Dean of the Graduate School
Robin Kimberlin, MSW – Associate Director, Student Social Services
D’Andre Braddix, Ed.D. – Associate Vice Provost, Vice Chair
John Nanney, Ph.D. – Director of Community Psychological Service
Christopher Sullivan, Ph.D. – Director of Health, Counseling and Disability Access Services
Chief Dan Freet – Director of Institutional Safety
Dana Daniels – Title IX Coordinator/ Chief Equity Officer

If you would like to report an incident of concern to the UMSL Intervention Team, please email Curt Coonrod, Vice Provost for Student Affairs/Dean of Students, at Note: Concerns involving immediate or imminent danger should be reported to Campus Police at (314) 516-5155.