Research Enabled is designed to connect university researchers, experts, and resources to the challenges and needs of industry, no matter the company size or challenge. Our experts represent all fields and disciplines, from the sciences to business, the humanities and much more. The university also houses a massive array of equipment and facilities not always accessible to companies, whether due to cost or scheduling use. This portal easily connects companies with equipment and expertise for contract work. We are here to make it easy for both industry and academia to collaborate and leverage what both have to offer.

Research Enabled is a collaboration between the University of Missouri System with campuses in St. Louis, Kansas City, Rolla, and Columbia; and the Southern Illinois University System with campuses in Carbondale, Edwardsville, and Springfield. These two systems represent more than 4,000 researchers from across all disciplines. 

The portal is available to Research Enabled Industry Partners and researchers from the UM and SIU systems.

University researchers can log in and claim their profile using their SSO information. UM researcher profiles are pre-populated with information from Academic Analytics; just log in, set your preferences, upload any current research projects ready for industry funding, and get ready to receive industry research challenges targeted at your expertise and resources.

If you would like to become a Research Enabled industry partner, email or call Jay De Long (, 314-629-9265).

Research Enabled was developed by The Curators of the University of Missouri using Federal funds under award #ED19HDQ0200011 from the Economic Development Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce. The statements, findings, conclusions, and recommendations are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Economic Development Administration or the U.S. Department of Commerce.

We want to thank all of the industry, community, and university partners who came together to develop Research Enabled and who continue to support the mission and grow the initiative.  

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If you would like to become a Research Enabled industry partner, email or call Jay De Long (, 314-629-9265). 

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Jay De Long, Director

Tomy Ames, Associate Director

Mona Sabau, Graduate Assistant