Kiley Bednar and Paul Sorenson, Community Innovation & Action Center, awarded $50,138 for “System of Care Financing Contract” by the Saint Louis Mental Health Board. 

Jill Bernard Bracy, Research, awarded $24,261 for “Effectiveness of Temporary Rumble Strips in Work Zones” by the Missouri Department of Transportation. 

Susan Depue and Umit Tokac, Missouri Institute of Mental Health and Nursing, awarded $322,069 for “SAMHSA DMH Partnership for Success 2020 Y2” by the Missouri Department of Mental Health. 

Jerry Dunn, Child Advocacy Center, awarded $45,826 for “System of Care: Adult Services for Integrated Family Treatment Model” by the Saint Louis Mental Health Board. 

Karl Guenther and Todd Swanstrom, Research and Economic & Community Development and Political Science, awarded $399,778 for “St. Louis Anchor Action Network: Three-Year Start-Up Grant” by the MO Foundation for Health. 

Beth Huebner and Lee Slocum, Criminology & Criminal Justice, awarded $5,000 for “Jail Long Stayers” by the City University of New York. 

Rachel Kryah, Missouri Institute of Mental Health, awarded $50,000 for “St. Louis Regional System of Care Y3” by the Saint Louis Mental Health Board. 

Tom Livingston, KWMU FM Radio, awarded $55,363 for “Public Broadcasting Special Fund FY22” by the Missouri Arts Council. 

Lynn Navin, University Child Developmentl, awarded $16,500 for “Child Care Relief Paycheck Protection Program” by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. 

Edward Riedel, Missouri Institute of Mental Health, awarded $79,777 for “12th and 45th Judicial Drug Court Project Out Expansion” by the 45th Judicial Circuit of Missouri. 

Edward Riedel, Missouri Institute of Mental Health, awarded $79,777 for “9th Judicial Drug Court Program Roads to Recovery Expansion” by the 9th Judicial Circuit of Missouri. 

Kim Song, Educator Preparation & Leadership, awarded $412,012 for “SEE-TEL: Strengthening Equity and Effectiveness for Teachers of English Learners” by the US Department of Education. 

Paul Sorenson, Community Innovation & Action Center, awarded $46,550 for “Partnership for Community Development Data Support” by Rise Community Development.  

Xuemin Wang, Biology, awarded $56,737 for “Graduate Student Support” by the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center. 

Total Awarded $1,643,787



 FY2022 Awards to Date (by department/unit, purpose, and source)