Kiley Bednar and Paul Sorenson, Community Innovation & Action Center, awarded $99,998 for “System of Care Financing Contract” by the Saint Louis Mental Health Board. 

Steve Bourne, Center for Behavioral Health, awarded $85,000 for “Psych Evals for Jefferson County Youth 2021/2022” by the Jefferson Memorial Community Foundation. 

Aimee Dunlap and Rachel Brant, Biology, awarded $1,000 for “The role of gene expression in the behavioral diversity of an urban dwelling sweat bee, Halictus ligatus” by the Missouri Botanical Gardens. 

Aimee Dunlap and Jeremy Howard, Biology, awarded $1,000 for “Landscape impacts to homing ability in bumblebee (Bombus · Impatiens)” by the Webster Groves Nature Study Society. 

Sharon Johnson, Social Work, awarded $239,751 for “Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training for Professionals (BHWET)” by the Health Resources & Services Administration. 

Robert Paul, Missouri Institute of Mental Health, awarded $63,769 for “Machine Learning to Distinguish HAND from Alzheimer’s Disease in HIV Over Age 60 (clade C)” by the University of California San Francisco. 

*Edward Riedel, Missouri Institute of Mental Health, awarded $80,000 for “SAMHSA QOPC Women Empowered through Housing and Purposeful Employment (WE HOPE) Y2” by the Queen of Peace Center. 

Kristin Sobolik, Special Units Chancellor, awarded $524,130 for “Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund-Strengthening Institutions Program (SIP)” by the US Department of Education. 

Jodi Woodruff, Missouri Institute of Mental Health, awarded $123,357 for “Opioid Overdoses Among Medicaid Beneficiaries: Predictors, Outcomes, and State Policy Effects” by Rutgers. 

Total Awarded:  $1,218,005 

*Awarded April 2021  


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