UM Research Board Awards – October 2018* Competition


  • Bettina Casad, Psychological Sciences, awarded $38,734 for “Threatening Environments and Minorities in STEM.”
  • Michael Griffin, Psychological Sciences, awarded $22,699 for “Hypervigilance, Fatigue, and Arousal in PTSD.”
  • Joanna Mendoza, Music, awarded $4,899 for “Exploring New Soundscapes with Music Technology.“
  • Kurt Schreyer, English, awarded $7,230 for “Shakespeare at Sea: Theatricality in the Royal Navy.”
  • Emily Brown, Counseling - College of Education, awarded $34,084 for “Enhancing Support for CIP with Filial Therapy.”
  • James Campbell, Supply Chain & Analytics, awarded $23,840 for “Can Drones Help Optimize the Vaccine Supply Chain?”
  • Stephanie Merritt and Matthew Taylor, Psychological Sciences, awarded $4680 for “Was that Racist? Identifying Racial Microaggressions.”
  • Scott Peterson, English, awarded $10,000 for “A Busher for All Seasons: Writing & Rewriting a Transit.”
  • Uma Segal, Social Work, and Felia Davenport, Theater & Cinema Arts, awarded $37,410 for “Refugee Integration: Stories to Educate.”

Total awarded: $183,576

UM Research Board Applications by Category and Their Disposition (awards across all four campuses)


 *Note for clarity: the deadline for the fall 2018 submissions was postponed to November 2018.