October 2017 UM Research Board Awards, UMSL Projects

  • Julie Bertram, Nursing, awarded $8,000 for “Building Better Systems of Support…”.
  • Joseph Carroll, English, awarded $5,000 for “Biological Reality and Imaginary Lives.”
  • Suellynn Duffey, English, awarded $21,500 for “Place/Literacy Matters: Intersections in the Heartland.”
  • Florian Sichling, Social Work, awarded $19,460 for “The Refugee Youth Study."
  • Matt Vogel, Criminology & Criminal Justice, awarded $25,000 for “Project RESTORE: School Personnel Survey.”

Total awarded: $78,960

Download the chart of all October 2017 UM Research Board Applications by Category and Their Disposition (this document will be available soon)