Kamila S. White, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Clinical Psychology

Dr. Kamila White received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia in 1999. She completed an internship at Brown University School of Medicine including rotations in behavioral and preventive medicine and pediatric psychology.

Dr. White's research interests are in three interrelated domains:

  1. prevention and treatment of anxiety pathology
  2. investigation into the relationship between anxiety pathology and physical health (especially pain conditions)
  3. investigation of new methods of assessing and treating anxiety and panic in medical settings.

Current research is focused on the following:

  • the role of anxiety and emotional vulnerability in the clinical course of non-cardiac chest pain
  • the role of physical health status on treatment-outcome in Panic Disorder
  • developmental and familial markers of risk for comorbid emotional and physical ailments

Dr. White's research is partially supported by the National Institute of Mental Health. She will be accepting a graduate student in Fall 2023.




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