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Student and Parent Voices

“The UMSL Bridge Program has taught me that as students, we are more alike than we are different. I met many new people and enjoyed the experience of working with people from diverse backgrounds. I learned the importance of teamwork and how to maximize each of our strengths when working together. The ACT preparation workshops provided us with valuable strategies for performing well on the ACT. I am now more aware of what to expect on the test and feel better prepared when taking it. This has given me more confidence in my ability to excel in my studies.”

Kerriana Young, Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience


“This is a great program not only for students, but also for parents. I can’t say enough great things about the parent meetings. We’ve received valuable resources that are essential for a smooth transition to college. I look forward to next year as a senior parent. The Bridge Program does a great job of informing us of critical admissions and financial aid deadlines.”

Anjali Stephens, Parent of Trevor Stephens, John F. Kennedy Catholic High School


“I’ve been apart of the Bridge Program since my freshmen year. I’ve experienced continuous improvements in my high school coursework. Bridge has provided extensive practice for the ACT and direction on preparing for college. Bridge has motivated me to become a more superior student and a better overall person.”

Aaron Brookins, Carnahan School of the Future


“The Bridge Program reinforces the importance of early college preparation and provides a comprehensive view of the college process. Students are introduced to a real college environment, which helps them to understand expectations and requirements for success. Additionally, the program provides methods to ensure that the college experience works in the best interest of your child.”

Carolyn D. Young, Parent of Kadar G. Young, Brentwood High School


“My ACT score has increased two points since last year as a result of the ACT workshops. I can say that I’ve benefited greatly from this program. My test taking skills have improved both for standardized exams and for my high school courses. I’m more comfortable and confident in my academic abilities. Lastly, I received additional practice constructing essays, which has helped me to become a more confident writer. Thank you for everything Bridge!”

Devin Macklin-Jackson, Rockwood Summit High School


“This program has been extremely beneficial to my family. It has given me the tools, support, as well as confidence needed to get my student to the next level. The parent sessions have provided so much insight to the preparation stages of college for parents, not just financially, but emotionally. I’m thankful for all the speakers and resources provided.”

Ebony Williams, Parent of Amesha Phifer, Hazelwood Central High School


“The UMSL Bridge Program is a well-organized program that has helped to improve my math, reading, writing, and science skills. The program has also assisted me with choosing a college and preparing for future employment, by learning to create effective resumes and cover letters. This program is an exceptional tool that promotes early college preparation and essential personal development characteristics.”

Forest Shipp, St. Mary’s Catholic High School


“The Bridge Program has provided me with new and enriching experiences, that will not only help me to succeed academically but personally as well. I feel that I am more prepared for testing well on the ACT and for my college journey. I would recommend this program to any student looking to enrich the quality of their education, and to gain an understanding of what college will really be like.”

Sophie Iffrig, Grand Center Arts Academy