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Graduate Fellowships

The Graduate School Bridge Fellowship is awarded each year to an outstanding UMSL graduate student who participated in the UMSL Bridge Program while in high school in University City, Normandy, Wellston, or St. Louis City. Recipients must be graduate students studying mathematics, computer science, biology, chemistry, physics or engineering at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Preference is given to doctoral students.

The University of Missouri-St Louis has shown its commitment for many years to area youth through the Bridge Program. Bridge provides high school students in the communities surrounding the University with stimulating educational experiences that will help them achieve their academic potential, particularly in the areas of mathematics and science, and ultimately improve their chances for success throughout life.

If no Bridge alumni apply or qualify during the year, the Fellowship may be awarded to a student who graduated from a high school with similar demographics and who participated in another pre-collegiate program that emphasized mathematics and the sciences or in a graduate or research preparation program in college, such as the McNair Scholars Program.

Deadline for Submission: April 1 for Fall Term; November 1 for Winter Term. Applicants must first submit their nomination form to their Graduate Program Director for review and approval. The Graduate Program Director will forward the student's nomination to the Graduate Dean.