The UMSL Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Special Education program at Jefferson College prepares those who desire to teach grades 1 - 6. And, the special education emphasis adds an in-demand skillset to the core elementary education curriculum. All junior and senior level courses can be taken on site at Jefferson College, but students will also engage in hands-on learning at local school districts through observation hours, internship, and student teaching.

This 70-credit-hour program requires students to successfully complete the General Education courses required by the UMSL College of Education and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Students enter the program in a cohort model where a new five semester cycle begins each fall.

Our program offers unique capstone experiences in Studio Schools. These are schools and districts where design happens, using a differentiated staffing plan. Specifically, teacher candidates will work in the school site as a faculty member, planning and teaching to provide in-depth support, flexibility, and intervention for K–12 students where it’s needed. The focus of this model is on K–12 student learning. Teacher candidates, supported by the supervisor and school site mentor, will impact K–12 students in multiple, varied and wide ranging grade level, achievement and subject specific contexts. These can include small group settings, whole class lessons, enrichment and support lessons all focused learning experiences.