In cooperation with local community colleges, UMSL offers degree completion programs, a graduate degree in social work, and credit courses that enable students from throughout the St. Louis area to earn a degree that's close to home.

Our goal is to create a smooth, clear academic pathway to a degree for those transfer students who are interested in degree completion. Our courses are offered in a variety of formats, including on-site at our partner locations and online. You don’t need to already have an associate's degree to get started, but if you do, you can follow the academic pathway that is outlined for each degree outlined on each degree page.

All courses are taught by respected UMSL faculty and students pay UMSL tuition and fees, which enables students to take advantage of all of UMSL’s student benefits, including financial aid programs and scholarships, optional student health insurance, and many other student programs, organizations, and activities.

Our UMSL faculty and staff, and those at our partner colleges, are committed to helping you achieve your academic goals. Contact an advisor if you'd like to make the move to UMSL.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do students receive UMSL credit for courses?
Yes. All courses offered at the community colleges are credit courses through UMSL.

Will courses be taught by UMSL instructors?
Yes. Courses will be taught by UMSL instructors, and you will receive UMSL credit for the courses in which you are enrolled.

What is the difference between degrees that offer a "2 + 2" format vs. "courses leading toward a degree"?
The difference between the "2 + 2" format and the "courses leading toward a degree" format is that the 2 + 2 includes all courses required to finish a degree offered in a two year format and the other does not. Essentially, "2 + 2" means that students take their first 2 years at a community college and then their second 2 years through the UMSL Off-Campus Degree Completion Program to complete their degree. During the second 2 year term, the UMSL Off-Campus Degree Completion Program offers some degrees that will require 8 semesters (fall and spring), and some degrees that will require more semesters in which we utilize summer semesters as well. We guarantee that the UMSL degree can be completed in 2 years, provided that students come to us with the required pre-requisites from their Associate's degree. These 2 year UMSL programs are offered in a cohort model, whereby students all start at the same time and proceed through the program together.

The "courses leading toward a degree" format means that we offer many required degree courses through the UMSL Off-Campus Degree Completion Program, but we do not offer all of the courses required to complete the degree off-campus. Therefore, there is not a cohort and students can take the courses on an individual basis. Students who choose this format will need to take some classes at the UMSL campus to complete their degree.

The formats offered vary by degree and by college. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email the site coordinator or academic advisor listed for your program.

How do I purchase textbooks for my community college course?

Option 1:  UMSL Bookstore website at

(student charge or credit card required).  Textbooks may now be purchased online and charged to your student account. You will need to select Student Charge and follow the prompts to login with your student number. You may select to pick up items in bookstore, or have them shipped.


Option 2:  Go to the UMSL Bookstore in the Millennium Student Center on the UMSL main campus and purchase your books. You can find a campus map on the UMSL website at


Option 3:  Order your books by e-mail or by phone.  Contact Tim Grumich, (314-516-5767), in the UMSL Bookstore (use your student ID to charge your student account).  Textbooks will be mailed to you. 


Books for UMSL classes will not be available for purchase at the Off-Campus Sites.  Please make arrangements to order your books as soon as possible to avoid being without your books on the first day of class.    


What fees do students pay? UMSL fees or the community college fees?
Students enrolling in UMSL courses at the community colleges pay the current UMSL fees, which are subject to change. Students may be responsible for other applicable fees, depending upon their course of study. To obtain more information about these fees visit the Cashier's Office or please reach out to the site coordinator or academic advisor for your program.

Are library services available at the community colleges?

UMSL has an agreement with each of the community colleges to provide full access and borrowing privileges for UMSL students registered for classes held at these locations. In addition, students have full access and borrowing privileges at the UMSL Libraries. Contact the community college library (see numbers below) or the UMSL Library at 314-516-5057 for details.

  • Jefferson College: 636-481-3166
  • Mineral Area College: 573-518-2141
  • St. Charles Community College: 636-922-8434
  • St. Louis Community College South County: 314-984-7200
  • St. Louis Community College Meramec: 314-984-7797

Can I register for classes and add or drop a class at the community college?

Yes. Students can register for any UMSL class, regardless of where the class is located, and students can add or drop classes with the adviser. If you wish to withdraw from the University, you will need to visit your Dean's office at the main UMSL campus.

Can students use the gym, library, computer labs etc. at the UMSL main campus?

Yes. Any student enrolled has full privileges at all facilities at the main UMSL campus.

Do I need a parking permit to park at a community college location?

Jefferson College: Parking permits are required for all UMSL students and faculty/staff. Parking permits are available at the Jefferson College Cashier's Office, located in the Student Center Building. Parking permits are $10.00 per year and new ones are issued each year. Call the Cashier's Office at 636-481-3123 for office hours.

Mineral Area College: Parking permits are not required for UMSL students. You may park in designated MAC student parking areas. Be advised that unauthorized vehicles found parked in MAC staff, handicapped, and designated no-parking areas will be ticketed. Parking rules apply for both day and evening classes. Permits are required for UMSL faculty/staff. Please contact Tami Davenport at or 573-518-2324.

St. Charles Community College: Parking permits are not required for UMSL students. Faculty and students may park anywhere on any of the parking lots on campus.

South County: Parking permits for UMSL students and faculty/staff are not required. There are designated faculty/staff parking areas.

Meramec: Parking permits for UMSL faculty and students are required.  There is no charge for the permit. Parking permit may be picked up from the Cashier’s Office in Clark Hall at Meramec campus. *You will need to bring your photo ID to pick up the parking pass.