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The university's current workforce should mirror the representation of females and minorities in the job market. When job groups have less than the percentage that is available in the job market, the group is further examined to determine whether underutilization exists. If the group is determined to be underutilized in females and/or minorities, appropriate goals should be set to eliminate the underutilization.

The Utilization Analysis is the tool that determines if underutilization exists. In sum, it compares the EEO subgroup (a grouping of jobs with similar duties as defined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) to the university's current workforce representation of females and minorities.

Utilization tables are presented for administrative/support EEO subgroups by division. The tables are organized into six major sections, however, to make the data more user friendly, we have included only the answer portion of the underutilization section.

Contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion for the most current utilization analysis data.