Diversity 101:  DEI in the Academic Workplace
Fully online professional development course
Open to all UM System Employees 
January 23-June 7, 2023

This session is full, but will be offered again 2023-2024. 

At the most basic level, diversity is about differences. There are all kinds of differences among people. There are things you can see such as race, gender, gender identity, physical ability, and body type; plus a whole host of things that you cannot see such as learning style, personality type, sexual orientation, mental health, invisible disabilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, family status, personal values, and so on.  All of these things form parts of who we are, how we see the world, and how the world sees us.

Given this understanding, it’s safe to say that diversity is just a natural part of our organizational life. We are all different from each other in different ways! So, the question is…what do we do about these differences? That’s where inclusion comes in.

In this highly interactive online course, you will gain knowledge, awareness, and communication skills for providing leadership around diversity and inclusion issues; working more effectively with people from backgrounds different than your own; and for making our campuses more welcoming and inclusive for everyone.  This peer-learning centered course is designed to engage people who are new to the topic as well as those who had more exposure to these topics and issues.

Full participation in the course involves review and reflection of the content so that you can actively participate in one online dialogue per module (total of 9). There are also four live Zoom dialogues (February 1, March 8, April 26, and June 7).  Participants will earn a digital credential for completion of the course requirements.

Registration closed. This session is full, but will be offered again 2023-2024. 

Questions? Contact Dr. Marlo Goldstein Hode at marlo@umsl.edu or 314-516-5669