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Nonprofit Research

For more information on any of the research listed below, contact NPML at 
(314) 516-6713 or

Balser, Deborah 
Associate Professor, Public Policy Administration/Business Administration

(2009) “Leadership Succession and the Emergence of an Organizational Identity Threat.” Nonprofit Management & Leadership, 20(2):185-202 with JoAnn Carmin.

(2005) "Managing Stakeholder Relationships and Nonprofit Organization Effectiveness."Nonprofit Management & Leadership, 15(3): 295-316 with John McClusky.

Kinney, Nancy T. 
Associate Professor, Political Science/Public Policy Administration

(2009).  Persistence in the face of change:  Patterns of community service in urban African-American Churches.  Journal of the Community Development Society, 39:3. 
(2008).  “Partners without borders: Frontiers in collaboration between U.S. and Sudanese nongovernmental organizations.”  ISTR Conference Working Papers Volume VI.

(2007).  Urban congregations as incubators of service organizations.  Nonprofit Management and Leadership, 18:2, (Winter 2007) 193-214 with Mary L. Carver.

Pickard, Joseph 
Assistant Professor, Social Work

(2008). Aging in place or relocation: Awareness of community-based long-term care and services. Journal of Housing for the Elderly, 22(4) withF. Tang.

Segal, Uma A. 
Professor, Social Work

(2008).  Effective communication and leadership essentials for a global workforce.  The International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, 8(6), 63-72 with Madhav N. Segal, Zubin N. Segal, and Neel N. Segal.

Sherraden, Margaret S. 
Professor, Social Work

(2008). Forms and Effects of International Volunteering and Service: Individual and Institutional Predictors. Voluntas, 19(4), 395-421 with B. Lough and A.M. McBride.

Striving to Save. University of Michigan Press. (in press) with A.M. McBride and Sondra G. Beverly.

Health Scholar and Crusader: Aida Luz Maisonet Giachello. In Lieberman, Alice (ed.),Women in Social Work Who Are Changing the World(forthcoming).

Community Economic Development. In T. Mizrahi & L. Davis (eds.), Encyclopedia of Social Work  (forthcoming).

Rogers, William 
Assistant Professor, Economics

“Measuring the Price Impact of Municipal Incorporation on Homeowner Associations.”Land Economics (forthcoming).

Winkler, Anne E. 
Professor, Public Policy Administration/ Economics

(2006) The Economics of Women, Men, and Work Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall with  Francine D. Blau and Marianne A. Ferber.