Career Opportunities

  • Operations Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Project Lead
  • General Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Human Services Manager


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Program Overview

The BA in Organizational Leadership is a distinct degree program grounded in social science and drawing on elements from several existing degree programs to create a unique student experience that addresses a market need. This program offered by the Department of Sociology will help students understand theoretical and practical aspects of leadership across disciplines. The 27-hour core curriculum is focused on the competencies of understanding, communicating, operating, and leading.  The required courses begin with an introduction to organizational leadership and end with a capstone course that requires students to demonstrate organizational leadership mastery in a work setting.  Students will also receive training in professional communications, information systems, critical thinking, business ethics and more, during their core coursework.

Our program is designed so each student has the opportunity to focus their training on a specific field by selecting a 9-hour Area of Concentration. 

There is also a Language requirement which includes a minimum of 11 hours of any introductory Foreign language course and 2 more courses either focused on foreign language or culture.


Required Core Courses

INTDSC 2001 Introduction to Organizational Leadership 3
SOC 1010 Introduction to Sociology 3
COMM 2231 Communication in the Organization 3
COMM 2235 Professional Communication 3
INFSYS 1800 Computers and Information Systems 3
MGMT 3600 Management and Organizational Behavior 3
PHIL 1160 Critical Thinking 3
PHIL 2254 Business Ethics 3
INTDSC 4001 Organizational Leadership Capstone 3


9 Hour Concentration Area  - Choose One

Business Management

MGMT 3611 Advanced Management and Organizational Behavior 3
MGMT 3612 Professional Skill Development 3
MGMT 3625 Leadership in Organizations 3

Community Management

SOC 1040 Social Problems 3
SOC 2203 The City 3
SOC 2160 Social Psychology 3

Corporate Communication

COMM 1150 Intro to Public Relations 3
COMM 3150 Crisis, Disaster, Risk and Communication 3
COMM 3370 Social Media in Public Relations 3

Criminal Justice

CRIMIN 1100 Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice 3
CRIMIN 2240 Policing 3
CRIMIN 2250 Courts 3

Health Communication

COMM 1369 Introduction to Health Communication 3
COMM 3150 Crisis, Disaster, Risk and Communication 3
COMM 3368 Advanced Health Communication 3

Information Systems

INFSYS 2800 Information Systems Concepts and Applications 3
INFSYS 3841 Enterprise Information Systems 3
INFSYS 3842 Data Networks and Security 3

Supply Chain Management

SCMA 3300 Business Analytics 3
SCMA 3301 Introduction to Supply Chain Management 3
SCMA 3320 Advanced Supply Chain and Operations Management 3

Language Requirement - 11 hours

FL 1001 Any Foreign Language I 5
FL 1200 Languages and Identities (or FL II) 3(5)
FL2100 Languages and World Views (or FL III) 3


What UMSL Arts & Sciences has to offer

The College of Arts and Sciences at UMSL creates the next poets, conservation biologists, symphony soloists, psychological scientists, historians, criminologists, chemists, sculptors, painters, communicators, space explorers and speakers of French, German, Japanese and Spanish. With nearly 4,000 undergraduate students, 800 graduate students and 450 faculty, it’s the largest college and academic backbone of the university.

Supporting the university’s mission, the college provides a diverse student body access to an affordable, quality education with expert faculty. A strong focus on research and scholarship has students exploring the latest thought and theory, while giving them access to ground-breaking studies through undergraduate and graduate research opportunities. Emphasis on the arts and sciences working in communion leads to graduates with a holistic understanding of their fields, creating the best scholars for academia and professionals for the world.

The College of Arts and Sciences consists of some 275 full-time faculty members in 18 departments and is home to the School of Fine and Performing Arts. The college offers a wide range of degree programs in areas such as Anthropology, Art and Design, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Biology, Chemistry, Communication and Media, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Economics, English, Languages and Cultural Studies, History, Mathematics and Computer Science, Philosophy, Physics and Astronomy, Political Science, Psychological Sciences, Sociology, and Theatre and Cinema Arts.

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