Eligibility Requirements

  • Current elementary teachers, preferably with at least one year of classroom teaching experience
  • A minimum cumulative college GPA of 2.75
  • Commitment to completing the requirements of the program in the 2-year period


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Program Overview

In order to address this demand for highly-trained mathematics teachers who may act as administrators and supervisors of mathematics programs, mathematics coaches, and teachers of mathematics at the elementary level, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has established an advanced certification of Elementary Mathematics Specialist. This program is designed to prepare students for this certification by offering in-depth study of grade appropriate mathematics as specified in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, supervised application of pedagogy and leadership training.

The Elementary Mathetics Specialist certificate requires 24 credit hours, which includes four credit hours of school-based internships. These courses include five integrated mathematics content/pedagogy courses, four of which have an internship, and two leadership development courses and is designed for full-time classroom teachers. Program courses are offered fully onnline over a 2-year cycle. Program cohorts also meet in person once per month during the semester, generally after 4 p.m. 

The seminar and internship courses will help teachers take the new mathematics content and use it appropriately in their elementary classrooms. The leadership courses provide instruction specific to the coaching of teachers in mathematics pedagogy and sharing mathematics issues with school and district stakeholders. Instruction in these courses will also focus on understanding assessment data and using that at the classroom, school, and district levels to improve student learning.

Learn more about the program curriculum.

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