ALEKS Math Placement

All UMSL students must demonstrate appropriate math proficiency before registering for math classes. UMSL offers a convenient online math placement test called ALEKS to assess your math proficiency. To access the ALEKS Math Test, please click the green button below.

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Do I Need to Take the ALEKS Test?

All undergraduate freshmen must take the ALEKS math placement test before orientation.

All other students: before registering for a math class, you must demonstrate proficiency through an ALEKS math placement score.

Review Materials

Free online study materials are available at

Taking the Test Online

Language Placement

A student who is not a native speaker and who has not begun language study at UMSL, but who believes that he or she can demonstrate the requisite proficiency level in French, German, or Spanish to test out of a semester or more of language may take a language placement test.  Back credit, free of charge, is available to students who place into the second, third or fourth semester language course and complete the course with a satisfactory grade. Up to 13 credit hours of back credit may be earned, but a placement test score is required to begin the process. Students who have already earned advanced credit for language courses are not eligible for back credit for courses they have already taken but are welcome to take the placement test to determine if they are truly ready for university level language beyond their advanced placement level.

If you plan to take a language during your first semester and feel that may be able to test out of any language courses, please contact Jim Karslake at or 314-516-6240 to sign up for language placement testing BEFORE attending your Orientation date.