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After Orientation

Now that you have attended orientation and begun your journey as a Triton, staying in touch with your new friends, orientation leaders and your advisor will help keep you connected with the campus community.

Once you arrive home and review all of your orientation materials, you may realize that you still have a few questions or would like access to the various orientation presentations. Lucky for you, everything you need is located right here. Check out the links for the PowerPoints presented during orientation. 

Webinar Series     Get Connected Form

Review the Presentations

Mark your calendar and join us at the Weeks of Welcome (WOW) events! 

Fall 2018

  • Friday, August 17, 2018: Residence Hall Move-in Event for new students living in Oak Hall
  • Friday, August 17, 2018 at 5:00 pm: Weeks of Welcome (WOW) Kickoff Event/ Triton Take-Off Weekend
  • August 20-October 2, 2018: Weeks of Welcome (WOW) Activities: First six weeks of school 
  • Monday, August 20, 2018: First day of classes

Review your Class Schedule

Now that you have registered for your classes, it’s a good idea to review your schedule before you begin classes.  Knowing your course outline and how each class fits into your degree plan is an essential part of graduating on time. Contact your academic advisor if you have any questions or need clarification on anything! Click on MyView to see your schedule.

Secure On-Campus or Off-Campus Housing

Whether it’s on-campus housing or an off-campus apartment, make sure you have a comfortable place to live. If you will be moving on-campus, be sure to consult your roommate as well as the University Housing guidelines before you make any purchases. Make sure to send your UMSL Residential Housing contract to confirm your room, and visit MyView, and then click the housing folder tab for additional information including move-in process, roommate information, and housing account. 

Pay your Tuition

Make sure your tuition is paid at the Cashier's Office or on MyView, before the payment deadline. See the Registrar’s website to learn more about paying your tuition and when it’s due.

Get Textbooks

Buy your textbooks at the UMSL Triton Store, To see which books you need for your classes, login to your MyView account and click on the UMSL Bookstore link below your class schedule.

Print Out an Academic Calendar

Use the UMSL Academic Calendar to be aware of payment deadlines, drop class dates, midterms, holidays, and final exam dates.

Create your Tritonsync Account

Log in to your tritonsync account to begin joining and learning more about the student organizations on campus.