Reintroducing a Master’s Degree for Music Educators!

UMSL is proud to announce that music educators are now able to obtain a master’s degree through the College of Education. The Master of Education degree with an emphasis in music is quite similar to the curriculum of our previous MME degree and can be completed either fully or partially online. The majority of the coursework is fully online – but there are exceptions for those interested in the Orff Schulwerk Approach and those who wish to further their conducting skills. Each of these areas requires some face-to-face coursework and time on campus.

Interested in More Information or Enrolling?

Contact Graduate Coordinators, Dr. Andy Goodman at or Dr. Michael Smith at

Orff Schulwerk

Teachers who are interested in the Orff Schulwerk approach to music education are able to complete 9 credits for Certification Levels 1, 2, and 3. These courses are offered as 2-week intensive courses each summer. This would constitute nearly 1/3 of the degree and fully 1/2 of the music coursework for the degree.


Teachers interested in advanced conducting experiences may work with our outstanding ensemble directors to further refine conducting skills and techniques. Drs. Jim Henry (Choral) and David Wacyk (Instrumental) will guide master’s degree candidates as they enhance their abilities with ensembles.


The degree requires three initial courses in the College of Education (offered online) followed by two required music education courses – Foundations of Music Education and Contemporary Music Education. Beyond these 5 required courses, students will choose an area of focus which might include Orff Schulwerk, conducting, or create their own path from the available elective options. Coursework from UMKC and MU may also be part of your degree plan. Courses from UMKC and MU will be offered online.