Cover of Cramer's Almanack 1821

The History of Almanacs

  • The history of almanacs: the first book printed in America

  • Almanacs and Abraham Lincoln

  • From Politics to Snake Oil: Almanacs for many reasons

  • Learn More about Almanac History

Cover of Crockett Almanack 1839

The Crockett Almanacks

  • Phases of the Moon and Davy wrestling snakes:
    Fact and Myth in the Crockett Almanacks

  • The roots of American Folklore - the tales get taller

  • Learn More about the Crockett Almanacks

Crockett riding a sea serpent

The Woodcuts:
Images of Fact & Myth

  • Pictures from a block of wood: the history and process of woodcuts

  • From informative to fantastical: the Crockett Almanack woodcuts

  • Learn More about Woodcuts

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