1. United States Arsenal

Appeared in the The New York Illustrated News in 1861. Appeared in the St. Louis Globe-Democrat in July of 1949.

An object of interest is the UNITED STATES ARSENAL. It is located on the river front, immediately opposite Arsenal island, between Arsenal and Utah streets. During the Civil War this was a very important and busy point on the map in the West. It was the depot for the Army and Navy gunboat service munitions, was crowded with soldiers, both cavalry and infantry. Thousands of cannons of all sizes for fortress, for gunboat, for artillery, lay in great rows, miles in length, and huge mortar and cannon balls were arranged in huge pyramids, and to be seen at every turn. Besides the several fine residences used, as officers' headquarters, are a number of massive stone buildings, which were used for the storage of small arms, ammunition, and different army accoutrements. Other of the buildings were used for manufacturing ammunition for the different branches of the service, and others for the mounting of cannons on carriages; and the preparing of outfits for regiments for active work on the war front. Ten miles from the city by the Iron Mountain road is located the Jefferson barracks, the cavalry headquarters, and depot for the West, where several regiments are always stationed.

Pen and Sunlight Sketches of St. Louis, 1892