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Certificate in Actuarial Studies

Actuaries use the tools of economics, finance, and mathematics to evaluate and price risk. They are employed by insurance companies, pension funds, consulting firms, and a variety of other financial institutions. The actuarial profession has consistently been ranked as one of the most desirable professions in which to be employed. To become an actuary one must satisfy certain educational requirements, pass exams offered by the Society of Actuaries, and complete professional courses.

The Certificate in Actuarial Studies is designed to provide the education needed for entry level employment in the actuarial profession. Those who complete the certificate will satisfy some of the Validation by Educational Experience requirements of the Society of Actuaries and be prepared to take the first two actuarial examinations (P and FM).

Completion of the certificate requires the following courses. Please note that many of these courses have prerequisites so anyone pursuing the certificate should work carefully with an academic advisor.

Required Courses

Math 4200 Mathematical Statistics I
Math 4210 Mathematical Statistics II
Math 4010 Financial Mathematics I
Math 4020 Financial Mathematics II
Finance 3500 Financial Management
Finance 3521 Financial Engineering: Applying Derivatives
Residency Requirement:  Of the above six courses at least five must be taken at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.  

For further
information contact: 
Prof. Ron Dotzel
Math Advisor
(314) 516-6337 or