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UMSL Unit Logotype Policies

The UMSL Unit Logotype creates and maintains a partnership between the university and its individual units, colleges, divisions or departments. It can be used for print publications, webpages and other electronic communications.

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The UMSL Unit Logotype is required on all printed and electronically displayed materials to visually reinforce the relationship between the unit and UMSL as a whole. However, as needs vary, two different versions are available. 

Version A [example] is to be used when “University of Missouri–St. Louis” appears somewhere on the page. This is most common on webpages and brochures.

Version B [example] is to be used when the unit logotype is to be a stand alone graphic, “University of Missouri–St. Louis” is not otherwise mentioned.


Unit Logotype Colors

The unit logotypes are produced using colors based on Pantone Matching System 201 (university red) and 50 percent black or 200 (bright red) and 50 percent black.

Reproduce the unit logotype to match (as close as possible) the coated PMS color chips found in the most recent Pantone Color Matching Formula Guide. Depending on production technique and printing substrate, your printer may suggest using a different ink color to ensure the closet match in the final printed product to the PMS color chips.

Pantone Matching System

Use PMS 201 when printing on coated stock. Use PMS 200 when printing on uncoated stock.

CMYK values

RGB values

Web, HTML values

Reverse Logotype

The unit logotype is used primarily in 2-color and full-color, however, it may also be used in one-color, black on light backgrounds and white on dark backgrounds. Specifically, white is the only logotype that may be used on black backgrounds.

When presenting the full-color logotype, use an appropriate contrasting background so that the unit logotype is not lost in or compromised by the background color. [Version C]. Please note that when using the gold logotype, a red background is the only appropriate background. [Version D].


Unit Logotype File Formats

The unit logotype is available in four file formats - EPS, JPEG, PNG and PDF.

EPS vector files should be used whenever possible. These files can be enlarged or reduced to the limits of readability. The PDF can be used in cases where outside resources or vendors are not able to utilize the EPS or JPEG. The PNG is commonly used for webpages.


Presenting the Unit Logotype

The minimum width of the unit logotype is 1.25 inches in printed publications. On webpages, the unit logotype can be no smaller than 120 pixels wide.

An ample cushion of space no less than .25 inches for print or 24 pixels for webpages should border the logotype. The unit logotype should not overlap or be overlapped by type, illustration, photos, other logos or other design elements.


Improper uses

Do not skew, scale, stretch, extrude, emboss or otherwise distort the unit logotype by any means, including using special effects software filters. Do not change colors, add type, drop shadows or any other graphical flourishes that affect the integrity of the designs.



Exemptions from policies presented here should be requested in writing. Send exemption requests to Bob Samples, associate vice chancellor of marketing and communications.