The trident mark is a unique part of UMSL’s visual brand. Its purpose is to further connect our student population with the university and reinforce their identity as “Tritons.”

In partnership with the UMSL Athletics Department the trident mark may be used in combination with a unit logotype to create what is called the UMSL Informal Logotype. It is specifically intended only for use in conjunction with the unit logotype for those units connected to student life and services and should not be used for any academic units. It may be appropriate, for example, for the Office of Student Involvement, career services, tutoring center, or residential life.

Units should not develop their own logotypes. Only University Marketing and Communications may develop and approve informal logotypes. Need a copy of an existing unit logotype or need a new unit logotype created? Fill out a work order request

The informal logotype is offered in a horizontal or stacked layout, with or without a solid background within the trident mark:

Informal Horizontal Color

Informal Stacked Color

When presenting the full-color informal logotype, a white background is preferred. However, an appropriate contrasting background may be used so that the informal logotype is not lost in or compromised by the background color.

The informal logotype may also be used in one-color (black, white or red) with an appropriate contrasting background:

Informal Horizontal Onen Color

Informal Stacked One Color

Note that the trident mark is owned and managed by the UMSL Athletics Department. The trident is not to be used as a standalone mark. It may not be used on any merchandise for sale without the express written permission of UMSL Athletics.

Informal Logotype Colors

The informal logotype is produced using colors based on Pantone Matching System 201 (university red) and 50 percent black or 200 (bright red) and 50 percent black.

Reproduce the informal logotype to match (as close as possible) the coated PMS color chips found in the most recent Pantone Color Matching Formula Guide. Depending on production technique and printing substrate, your printer may suggest using a different ink color to ensure the closet match in the final printed product to the PMS color chips.

Informal Logotype File Formats

The informal logotype is available in three file formats - EPS, JPEG and PDF.

EPS vector files should be used whenever possible. These files can be enlarged or reduced to the limits of readability. The JPEG is a raster image. It should not be converted into any other color space or file format. The PDF can be used in cases where outside resources or vendors are not able to utilize the EPS or JPEG.

Presenting the Informal Logotype

The minimum width of the informal logotype is 1.75” inches in printed publications. On webpages, the logo can be no smaller than 168 pixels wide.

An ample cushion of space no less than .25 inches in print or 24 pixels on webpages should border the logotype. The logotype should not overlap or be overlapped by type, illustration, photos, other graphic or design elements.

Improper uses of the Informal Logotype

Do not skew, scale, stretch, extrude, emboss or otherwise distort the informal logotype by any means – including using special effects software filters. Do not change colors, add type, drop shadows or any other graphical flourishes that affect the integrity of the designs.


Exemptions from policies presented here should be requested in writing. Send exemption requests to Justin Roberts, assistant vice chancellor of marketing and communications.