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May I check out items at other MERLIN or MOBIUS libraries?

Yes, as long as the library allows the item to be borrowed and is available.  When traveling to another MERLIN library (MU, UMKC, or MST) you need your current UMSL ID.  When traveling to any other non-MERLIN MOBIUS library you must have your current UMSL ID and your student or employee number.  This information WILL NOT be given over the telephone.  MERLIN/MOBIUS items can be returned at UMSL or any MOBIUS library.

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Can I request UMSL books through MOBIUS?

Yes. UMSL patrons are allowed to request available materials from our general collections. You may request them for pickup at the Thomas Jefferson Library.

This does not include reserve items, reference materials, or special collections items from the Mercantile Library. However, MOBIUS may place your request with another library instead of UMSL, and we recommend that UMSL patrons use the UMSL catalog when requesting UMSL items, not the MOBIUS catalog. All requests are still subject to normal processing times (roughly 1-2 working days for UMSL items, 3-5 working days for other libraries).  You may prefer to come in and retrieve the items yourself if you are pressed for time and/or you are concerned about the availability of popular items.

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How do I request UMSL, MERLIN or MOBIUS books?

Books from UMSL, MERLIN and MOBIUS libraries can be checked out using your UMSL ID card, or you can request that they be delivered to a library for you to pick up. For step-by-step instructions, please see our Requesting Books Tutorial. If you are traveling to a library on a campus that is not part of the University of Missouri system, you will also need your student/employee number. Also, please see the note above if you are an UMSL patron requesting UMSL items.

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How long may I keep books checked out through MOBIUS?

See this table of loan periods. Books from any MERLIN/MOBIUS library can be returned to the Thomas Jefferson Library when they are due.

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How many books may I have checked out through MOBIUS at a given time?

Patrons may check out up to twenty books through MOBIUS. There is no limit on the number of items checked out through the MERLIN catalog.

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How do I know when the materials I requested via MOBIUS have arrived?

Patrons are notified about the arrival or cancellation of a request by campus e-mail.

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May I renew MOBIUS requests?

MOBIUS materials can be renewed two times depending on availability. MERLIN materials follow the policies of the lending institution. Any Merlin or MOBIUS item may be recalled at any time by the lending institution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Requesting Books Tutorial


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UMSL Public Service Desk:
Thomas Jefferson Library (314) 516-5057

Please Note: If you choose to visit another library instead of having the book shipped to UMSL, you will need your UMSL ID and student number (or employee number for faculty and staff).  You may also wish to call ahead about hours, location, parking, and other policies.

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