SSO, Password, and Student Numbers

When students register at UMSL, an email is sent containing the student's SSO (UMSL username) and UMSL student number. These are vital to being an UMSL/Kickstart student. Once received, students must create new passwords using their SSO and student number before they can log in to Canvas, where all Kickstart course content will appear. 

No staff member at UMSL, has the ability to access your password. So, if you forget your password or your SSO, please visit the ITS password page. If you are still having issues after resetting your password, please call UMSL's IT department at 314-516-6034. 


Canvas is the program all UMSL students use to access their online course content. Your Spring 2018 Kickstart course will appear in Canvas once you acquire a password and log in. As a Kickstart student, it is vital that you understand how to Canvas to be successful. There are many online tutorials to help familiarize yourself with Canvas. You can access Canvas by first going to UMSL's homepage at and clicking on "Current Students" at the top of the page and then logging in to the MyGateway Student Portal. 

Student Email 

Every UMSL student is issued a student email address. This is how the university will communicate with you, and how you must communicate with professors. You can log in to your UMSL email account by first going to, clicking on "Current Students" and logging in to the MyGateway Student Portal. 

Your domain (username) for logging in is UMSL-users\ followed by your SSO. For example, if your SSO was bjf6c6, the your login for your email would be UMSL-users\bjf6c6. If you have difficulty logging on to your student email account, call UMSL's IT department at 314-516-6034. 

Your official UMSL email is your SSO followed by For example,

 UMSL Email Example

Please note - Students are able to message their professor through the "Inbox" feature of Canvas.