Choose your own path at UMSL

Combine your interests and passions with diverse coursework that prepares you to be a critical thinker in a constantly evolving and dynamic world. The need for flexibility and cross-training to approach challenges from multiple perspectives is more important now than ever. The University of Missouri-St. Louis offers a unique interdisciplinary degree program that allows you to customize your educational experience, giving you the opportunity to design a degree program that supports your individual goals.

The emergence of many new and diversified occupations requires higher education institutions offer flexible, multifaceted courses and degrees to meet current and future workforce needs.

Many of the most important innovations in our society happen when disciplines join to offer solutions, innovation, and growth.

  • Consider the collaboration among computer science, psychology, graphic design, and economics that led to what we now know as Social Media.
  • Think about the teamwork between biology, geology, and machine-learning that has enabled our farmers to grow crops more efficiently and with far less waste.
  • Contemplate the intersection of medicine, history, political science, and sociology which is right now informing community public health responses and helping society prepare for the next global health challenge.

We are in the midst of an Interdisciplinary Moment. UMSL College of Arts and Sciences recognizes that moment and is meeting the challenge with the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Interdisciplinary degrees are especially valuable for creative thinkers and focused learners. Having multiple areas of expertise make our graduates more thoughtful, more competitive, and more sought-after in the economy of the 2020s.

Interdisciplinary Degree/Program Options

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

Bachelor of Liberal Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership

Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Studies

Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Analytics

Geographic Information Systems Undergraduate Certificate


Programs in Development:

Community Health Services

Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information Systems

Master of Science in Geographic Information Systems