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Webinars of the IB Appreciation Month 2021


Session 1: IB Appreciation Month Kickoff: “What to Expect?” 


This first event is the kickoff to the International Business Appreciation Month. This year the International Business Career Conference will be held virtually with 8 webinars happening throughout the month of February. This event will prepare you for the next upcoming webinars by knowing which companies, executives, topics, and prizes to look forward to.  

Session 2: IB Appreciation Month Keynote  


IBCC is excited to be hosting the award-winning journalist Yvette Miley as the 2021 keynote speaker. Yvette Miley serves as Senior Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the NBCU News Group and NBC Sports. More information about Yvette Miley can be found on our website under the section of ‘Keynote Address.’   

Session 3: Study Abroad Workshop: “Impact of Pandemic”

cassidy-photo.jpg   studyabroad-logo.png  anniehyde-photo.jpg

Cassidy Thompson                                                                 Annie Hyde

This session hosted by UMSL Study Abroad will focus on the impact of the pandemic on Study Abroad and strategies being employed to get Study Abroad up and going again. The discussion will go in depth of the new changes UMSL has acquired, new opportunities for international students and study abroad options. 

Session 4: Executive Panel 1 with Shaker Sadasivam as Moderator "Strategic Adjustment & Risk Management during the Pandemic" 


This event is the first Executive Panel during this IB Appreciation Month. Co-Founder and CEO of Auragent Bioscience, Shaker Sadasivam will serve as the Moderator for this Executive Panel. During this webinar, the Executives will be discussing how their companies have adjusted to the pandemic and how their risk management is handling these changes.  

Session 5: Alumni Panel: “How has the Pandemic affected your career?"

 timothy-photo.jfif madi-headshot.jpeg jermy-photo.jfif annie-j-mbale.jpg 

       Timothy Donovan     Madi King Erger       Jermy Jones          Annie Mbale 

UMSL International Business Alumni Panelists are prepared to give students an insight into how the pandemic has affected their careers. During this panel, students will be able to ask recent UMSL graduates questions about entering the workforce and receive advice on starting a career in the middle of a global pandemic.  


Session 6: Executive Panel 2 with Steve Burrows as Moderator “Doing Business in the Post-Pandemic World”  

   stlpartnership-logo.png  boeing-logo.png  hj--logo.png  cocacola-northeast-logo.jpg

This Executive Panel is being moderated by an International Business Development Advisor and the former CEO of Anheuser-Busch International, Steve Burrows. The webinar is focusing on business ventures in the post-pandemic time and how businesses have adjusted to this change. More information about Steve Burrows can be found on our website under the section of ‘Panel of Experts 2021.’ 


Session 7: IB Career Highlights Workshop: “International Business Careers and Opportunities”  

fikki.jpg  careerservices-logo.png  nylah-phpto.jpg 

                 Lisa Fikki                                                                  Nylah Brownridge                  


This webinar is focusing on current and future international business career opportunities as well as providing information regarding after-graduation challenges and opportunities. It is tailored towards students who are interested in the international business world and showing what opportunities are available in the international for them. 


Session 8: “Culmination of IB Appreciation Month with Upcoming IB Opportunities” 



The concluding webinar of the International Business Appreciation Month will give students the opportunity to wrap up what they have learned throughout the whole month of February. Students will be able to ask questions about international business as well as learn about upcoming international business events. Also, winners of attendance prizes will be announced, and students must be present in the Zoom webinar to win.